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Choosing a Surgeon

When seeking the care of a spinal surgeon, you should consider many factors. Most importantly, your surgeon must identify the source of the symptoms.

Without identification, effective treatment is impossible. Your surgeon can only identify your symptoms by properly performing the following three functions.

• Listen to the patient
Your body is a finely diagrammed electrical circuit. By listening to a patient's description of their symptoms, a knowledgeable physician should have a reasonable understanding of where the symptoms are being generated.

• Examine the patient
Your neurological system, once examined, gives your surgeon clues as to the pathological source of the problem.

• Order and review the appropriate diagnostic studies
Thirty percent of patients without symptoms will have abnormal spinal MRI’s.

Therefore, ordering and reviewing the appropriate X-rays, MRI's or other studies is the final part of identifying the source of your symptoms.

If a surgeon makes a diagnosis based on your X-rays or MRI’s alone, you should be wary. MRI films alone rarely tell the whole story. Competent surgeons should always, listen, examine and review appropriate diagnostic studies.

Following identification of the source of your symptoms, your options should be openly and honestly discussed. The fact is, only a small number of patients should undergo an operation.

First, we offer you our time. We are committed to giving you ample time to identify the source of your symptoms, and discuss your treatment options. Therefore, arming you with the knowledge to make your decision wisely!

If conservative, non-surgical options haven’t been working, we offer the very latest in surgical technologies.


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